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It’s completely normal, emotions run high when there has been a loss in a family or life-altering event.

These emotions can be triggered when you don't have a plan for distributing your assets or a plan in the case of a life-altering event. Don’t leave your family with unneeded stress, heartache, and resentment.

You can give your family the priceless gift of documenting your wishes in a will, trust, or power of attorney.

Whether you're just starting a family or enjoying your golden years, it's crucial that your voice is legally recognized and your wishes honored at every stage of life.

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Our aim is to help you every step of the way in planning your estate. From your first meeting with us to picking the right services, we've got your back.

At The Guy Law Firm in Bullard, TX, we'll write up all the necessary papers for you, and when it's time to put your signature on them, we'll make sure you understand exactly what you're signing and what it's all about.

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Life changes. The Guy Law Firm provides various planning services.

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So, it makes sense to update your estate papers every three to five years to keep up with different phases of your life.


Secure your family's future with a Last Will and Testament.

We help you create a set of instructions for what happens to your things when you're not here anymore. We will make sure everything's in order so you can have peace of mind.


Ease the process when someone you care about passes away.

We'll help you with the paperwork and legal stuff so you can focus on honoring their wishes and taking care of what matters most.


Get the peace of mind you deserve. POA is a set of legal papers that lets someone make choices for you when you can't.

At The Guy Law Firm in Bullard, TX, we make sure it's all done legally and exactly how you want. Come by our office to find out more.

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Elder Law

Our law firm focuses on helping older folks with their unique legal needs. Dealing with eldercare can be tricky, so it's essential to have an attorney who knows the ropes.

At The Guy Law Firm, we've got years of experience assisting seniors with financial planning, guardianship, disability matters, and long-term care choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Probate and Wills in Bullard, TX

What happens if someone dies without a will in Texas?

If a person in Texas passes away without a will, the state has certain rules that decide who gets their things. How the stuff is divided up depends on the family setup of the person who died. For instance, if they had a spouse and kids, their belongings might be shared between them in certain amounts. But without a will, there's no promise that the person's things will be given out the way they might have wanted.

How is a will probated in Texas?

To officially process a will in Texas, you need to submit an application to the probate court in the county where the person who passed away lived. After you file it, you have to wait a bit because the law says so. Then, there's a court meeting where they make sure the will is real and okay to use. If the court says it's good, they'll pick someone to be in charge of giving out the person's property and stuff according to the will.

Do I need a will in Texas?

While it's not legally required to have a will in Texas, it's highly recommended. Without a will, the Texas intestate succession laws determine how your assets are distributed upon death, which may not align with your wishes. A will ensures that your assets go to the beneficiaries you designate.

Can I Avoid Probate in Texas?

Sure, in Texas, you can skip or make the legal process for handling a deceased person's estate (called probate) easier. One popular way is to set up a trust where you can keep your assets and pass them on after you die without the need for probate. You can also name people to directly receive money from your bank accounts or life insurance when you pass away or own things together with someone else so that they automatically get your share if you die.

What is the difference between a dependent and independent administration of an estate in Texas?

Dependant: This is a process where a special court watches over and has to approve many actions taken by the person in charge, like selling the deceased person's stuff or paying their debts. It means there's a good amount of supervision, but it can take a lot of time and cost quite a bit of money.

Independent: This process is more straightforward. The person in charge can make most decisions without needing the okay from the court, which speeds things up and saves money. Often, people in Texas will specifically say in their wills that they want this simpler way of handling their affairs after they pass away to avoid the hassle of the usual legal process.