Are You Hurt? You Need Help.

Are you facing challenges and decisions because of an accident resulting in an injury?
We represent injured people near Jacksonville, TX & Rusk, TX.

Each person, injury, and claim is different.
That's why our team will personally represent you and your case to get you what is fair.

What is considered a personal injury case?

Personal injuries are when a person suffers harm from another person's negligence, recklessness,
or carelessness, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm.

Seek the help of the Guy Law Firm if you have been injured in an accident.

What will a personal injury lawyer do for you?

You shouldn't have to worry about getting compensated for being injured because of another person's negligence. We will fight for your compensation with:

  • Medical bills are often not a one-time doctor's office visit. When you've been seriously injured, your medical bills will pile up due to your injury.
  • Property damage any personal property damaged in an accident should be replaced or repaired by the responsible party.
  • Pain and suffering are often felt long after an accident. Our team will seek reimbursement for the loss of wages because of injuries.
  • And other damages

We provide straightforward legal advice, honest answers, and persistent, dedicated personal injury law services.

What are some of the cases you take?

We will pursue damages for our clients in cases involving:

  • Truck collisions. We represent clients who suffer from catastrophic truck accidents.
  • Wrongful death. We can help you protect your family. Make a difference by seeking to recover from parties whose negligence resulted in the wrongful death.
  • Automobile collisions. You need an experienced car accident lawyer in Jacksonville, TX, on your side. Insurance companies have the advantage. Don't talk to an insurance adjuster without legal representation. It can hurt your case and prevent you from getting the settlement you deserve.
  • Product injuries. We can pursue damages for your injuries caused by defective products or dangerous products that lack adequate warnings.
  • Property injuries. We seek monetary damages for injured clients due to negligent property maintenance, aggressive animals, and other premises defects.
  • Petroleum industry injuries. When negligence causes an explosion, fire, or other dangerous situations on an oil rig or refinery, we will investigate and hold petroleum companies accountable when injuries occur.
  • Brain injuries. Severe brain injury can have devastating effects on victims and their families. Our firm is committed to pursuing justice and full compensation from any responsible party.
  • And More. We serve injured people in the Jacksonville TX & Rusk TX area.

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