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Unexpected emotions and strife can be triggered when you don't have a plan for distributing your assets or life-altering medical decisions.

Why leave your family with unneeded stress, heartache, and resentment?
Give your family the priceless gift of documenting your wishes in a will, trust, or power of attorney.

From new parents to the golden years, your voice should be heard, legally documented, and fulfilled no matter your life stage. Steven R. Guy is your wills, trusts, and estate attorney in Jacksonville, TX.

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Our goal is to work with you through the entire estate planning process.

We will provide support from your initial meeting to selecting your needed services.

With The Guy Law Firm in Jacksonville, TX, we carefully draft documents, and when it is time to sign, you will know what you are receiving and what they mean and do.

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In addition to living wills, The Guy Law Firm offers the following estate planning services. Life brings changes, so it is only logical that your estate documents are adjusted every three to five years to match the stages of your life.


A legal document expressing your wishes after your death, including who you choose to oversee the legal process and distribution of your property.

With The Guy Law Firm, you can have the assurance of legally finalizing your wishes regarding your assets and dependents upon your death, providing certainty and peace of mind for your loved ones in a challenging time.

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The process of finalizing your will after your death. During probate, your assets are appropriately distributed, and your will is proven valid in court.

When you hire an attorney specializing in estates and probate, you ensure your assets are transferred legally and promptly. Contact your Jacksonville, TX, estate lawyer today.

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With proper planning and advice, you may be able to avoid probate altogether. Steven R. Guy can explain how Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds, Lady Bird Deeds, and other legal tools can minimize or avoid probate.

By utilizing tools such as Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds, and Lady Bird Deeds, The Guy Law Firm can potentially help you avoid the probate process altogether, which can save time, expense, and stress for your family.

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A legal document giving a person legal authority to make decisions on your behalf.

The Guy Law Firm will ensure that your power of attorney, whether for medical or business decisions, is legally binding and fully represents your wishes, thereby safeguarding your interests when you're unable to make decisions yourself.

Plan a visit to our Jacksonville, TX, office to learn more about how we can protect your interests and those of your family.

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Elder Law

The legal system presents unique issues affecting the older population. Elder care can be complex and deserves an attorney with years of experience. At The Guy Law Firm, we help prepare the elderly for financial planning, guardianship, disability, and long-term care options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate and Wills

1. Do I need a will in Texas?

While it's not legally required to have a will in Texas, it's highly recommended. Without a will, the Texas intestate succession laws determine how your assets are distributed upon death, which may not align with your wishes. A will ensures that your assets go to the beneficiaries you designate.

2. What happens if someone dies without a will in Texas?
If someone dies without a will (intestate) in Texas, the state's intestate succession laws come into play. The distribution of assets will depend on the deceased's family circumstances. For example, if they leave behind a spouse and children, the assets might be split among them in specific proportions. Without a will, there's no guarantee that assets will be distributed according to the deceased's wishes.

3. How is a will probated in Texas?
To probate a will in Texas, an application must be filed with the appropriate probate court in the county where the deceased lived. Once filed, there's a legally mandated waiting period before a hearing can take place. At the hearing, the court will verify the will's validity. If validated, an executor or administrator will be appointed to manage the estate's distribution.

4. Can I avoid probate in Texas?
Yes, there are methods to avoid or simplify the probate process in Texas. One common way is through the creation of a revocable living trust where assets are placed in the trust and distributed upon death without undergoing probate. Other methods include designating beneficiaries on bank accounts and life insurance policies or owning property jointly with the right of survivorship.

5. What is the difference between a dependent and independent administration of an estate in Texas?
In Texas, an estate can be administered in two primary ways:

  • Dependent Administration: This is a court-supervised process where the administrator needs the court's approval for many decisions, like selling estate property or paying off debts. It provides more oversight but can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Independent Administration: This is a less restrictive process. The administrator can make most decisions without court approval, making the process faster and less costly. Often, wills in Texas will specify a desire for independent administration to simplify the probate process.

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