Divorce–no matter how amicable–is emotionally draining. The paperwork is complicated, and the emotions can run high.

When going through a divorce, you need a lawyer who knows the system and how to deal with complex emotions.

At The Guy Law Firm, we know how to help you deal with all sorts of divorce, and we’ll be in your corner until everything is finished.

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A Compassionate Divorce Lawyer near Rusk, TX

The Guy Law Firm has been helping East Texans navigate complex family law issues for more than four decades. We bring the expertise you need to make this difficult situation as easy as possible.

Our experience allows us to guide you through this tough time of life. We offer compassionate guidance and take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Divorce Mediation Near Rusk, TX

Divorce mediation is effective and mutually beneficial. It saves you both time, money, and heartache because you settle outside of the courtroom.

The Guy Law Firm will guide you through this stage, acting as a mediator and helping you–and any lawyer representing you–find good compromises to keep the peace.

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Collaborate Divorce Near Rusk, TX

Collaborative divorce is another good option for couples on good terms, looking for a mutually beneficial solution.

Our team works to minimize conflict and find the best solution for the two of you and any children you may have together.

Custody and Child Support Near Rusk, TX

The Guy Law Firm makes sure that your children have the best, most supportive life they can. We’ll ensure that your children are taken care of and fight to be sure you have proper visitation, support, and custody rights.

Property Division Near Rusk, TX

The division of assets doesn’t have to be ugly. At the Guy Law Firm, we work to find the best collaborative solution for property division. If your spouse is uncooperative, though, we’ll fight for your best interests.

Let the Steven R. Guy Law Firm Help You Through This

We’ve been offering caring legal guidance for four decades now, and we’ve seen all the challenges that divorce can bring.

The Guy Law Firm is committed to fighting for your rights, so contact us today to get started.

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